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David Harvey


"Replacing some tired machine heads on my 1981 Fleeson brought me to Rohan, and resulted in a happy day spent with him in Lewes, playing several of his guitars. I was very pleased to be able to use one for a recital and recording, and when some months later Rohan said he had a new model in the workshop - a copy of the legendary Hauser I that Julian Bream played for many years - I was excited to be getting an early look at it.

Simply, it’s an extraordinary guitar. I could (and do) rave about the power and focus of the bass register, the singing clarity of the trebles, the rich but unmuddied mid range, and the fact that, over all of the range of the instrument, it will respond to wherever I want to take the music. It’s been my main instrument now for 9 month: the sound is developing beautifully, but it has kept the liveliness and responsiveness that struck me (like love at first sound) when I first picked up and played the instrument."

Gavin Leone


"it’s very hard to put down once you start playing..." more

Hussein Dickie


Rohan created a perfectly balanced warm sounding instrument....more

Vic Ellis


"This is a lovely guitar with a good sound in all registers.

The bass is strong and resonant. The treble is clear with a good singing tone. The middle register has a beautiful tone, much sweeter than any other guitar I have played. more

Paul Karas


...The profound bass is creamy and deeply satisfying and a perfect foundation for the smooth clarity of the trebles; this guitar would certainly be the luxury I would take to a desert island....more


"The guitar kicks into touch any steel-strung guitar I have owned, and I’ve had many top-end models.."more


"...a breathtaking result as far as I am concerned.

The sound is huge due to Rohan’s method of construction and with a range of tones to match..." more


"...I am always amazed at the clear depth of bass response this small guitar produces..." more


"...A small body with a BIG voice, it certainly sounds amplified when played with a plectrum near the bridge.

The tone is both exciting and cultured and it chimes like Bow Bells!
Rohan, I can never thank you enough for this one. " ...more

Lydia Sanderson


"...I love the richness of the sound and of the colour. Your detail is exquisite. Thanks it is perfect. It the prettiest little guitar ever!" more


"...The sound has a precise richness that is new and those bass notes go through me." more

Marten Matthews


"Your guitar remains the best that I have played.

12/99 has a really full sound with vast amounts of lower tone. However,

somehow the upper frets sound extraordinarily bright without any

brittleness in the sound..." more

Ros Young


"... I am really thrilled with the beautiful guitar you’ve made me. It‘s perfect - a joy to play..." more

Hung-Liang Yu


"...extremely sweet and responsive. This has to be the best treble I have ever heard.." more

Pam Fereday


"...a smaller scale instrument with a lovely deep resonant bass, beautiful sweet treble, and great response. It has been much admired ...." more

José Leandro

"...it is a pleasure to play. It has excellent balance and sustain., the trebles are sweet and strong (the first string is amazing), the basses warm and deep..." more

Tony Power

"...Just a note to express my very great satisfaction with 13/92. It is a joy to play and inspires me in daily practice..."...more

Caroline Lumsden


"...how delighted I am with the guitar. It is really starting to sing and is a pleasure to play..."...more

Glynis Rockett


"I just love playing my new guitar! I'm amazed what a difference the slightly smaller scale length makes..." ... more

Raymond Sutherland


"... It’s a joy to play and exactly what I had hoped for, both tonally and aesthetically..." ...more